AI-driven email marketing that converts trial users to MRR.

Easily integrate your email marketing platform and other channels. Get user hyper-segments with content insights. Know who is likely to convert, what content will best convert them, and when to send them emails. It’s like your email campaigns run themselves.

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AI-graph identified target contact segments

All contacts are not equal. Glance automagically segments your contacts based on your campaign goals and how close they are to converting.

Goal based campaign scheduling and sequencing

A weekly schedule of your campaigns based on your goals, all through our AI-graph technology.

Sparks - actionable campaign recommendations with automation

Know what type of email to send (promo, announcement etc.) with the time and similar past campaigns to emulate to get top performance.

One-click automation to configure the campaign in your email platform.

Measure your campaign success through active goal tracking

Track success of your email campaigns by visualizing your audience moving through goal progression.

Track the right email metrics that provide true campaign performance.

How’s this possible?

Glance’s pioneering AI Marketing Graph does some amazing stuff. It is not only uncovering hidden insights, you didn’t know were possible, but also giving specific actions and automates them once you approve. Maximize your email campaign performance with zero effort.

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Read about the power of Marketing Graph and how it can massively improve marketing returns

Try beta for free 30-day free trial. No credit card needed.