Make marketing decisions
with confidence and speed.

Your no-code AI driven marketing co-pilot. Get cross-channel recommendations and actions, campaign intelligence and automation with the power of Marketing Graph.

  • Get deep cross-channel insights you never knew about
  • Launch campaigns quickly with automated actions
  • Increase your productivity. No manual report creation, data collation, and digging for insights

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Leverage the power of connected data in your marketing

Introducing Marketing Graph

Go beyond traditional analytics. Discover deep and hidden relationships between your marketing data across channels through our Spark data stories. Stop the manual work, get effective campaign allocation strategies that you never thought of, and actionable alerts at the click of a button.

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Read about the power of Marketing Graph and how it can massively improve marketing returns

Immersed in marketing chaos?

Marketing today means spending hours making sense of the deluge of metrics and making decisions. Glance’s Marketing Graph gives you deep cross-channel insights that you never knew existed. From trends, predictive alerts, corrective actions, and hidden traffic insights to answering your questions - Glance does it all. You can make decisions faster and confidently, get back your time for strategy, creative, and customer interactions. All this, while you maximize your returns.

Intelligent and Contextual Recommendations

Find cross-channel data, metric relationships and context with graph analytics. Know where to allocate for your campaigns including audience targeting and channel impact to the pipeline growth.


Converse with your expert

De-stress your marketing and talk to our AI expert. Have a conversation on the traffic, campaigns, next steps, and accomplish your marketing tasks through a simple chat window. Glance makes it easy for the marketer in you to do your job smartly.

Connect to 25+ channels that you use today

Integrate seamlessly in minutes to view all the cross-channel metrics you care about in one place.